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Meet Our Doctors

Experienced Dentists in Forney, TX

Melina Morrison


“I want my patients to love their smiles and achieve their overall oral health goals. I love being able to help patients who are extremely dental-phobic overcome their fear and trust me with helping them find the right treatment for their lifestyle. I understand how important a smile can be, and how every person’s ‘ideal’ smile is different. It is my goal to create a trust-based relationship with a patient where I can learn what they want and be able to cater to their individual needs.

“Growing up with dental phobia, the mere thought of a dental appointment frightened me. However, when I was a teenager, I had a dentist that actually listened to me and heard my phobias, and changed her ‘normal’ routine to hold my hand and make me feel better. From that moment on, I knew I could help people by providing personalized, customized care and connect with each person — listening, and giving what they needed from me that day.

“I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to help educate patients on a daily basis on ways to improve their lives through better overall health and oral health. We all have a calling to nurture and mature, and I know that God has blessed me with the ability to help people with their smiles.” – Dr. Melina Morrison

Dr. Melina Morrison is passionate about the care she provides for her patients. She knows the importance of establishing trust and open communication from the initial appointment. This creates the basis for the treatment partnership between herself and her patient that is always necessary to achieving their overall optimum oral health.

Treating each of her patients as the individuals they are, Dr. Morrison creates individualized treatment plans based on their specific needs. She discusses potential treatment plans in detail with patients, as well as expected outcomes. This not only allows patients to make educated and informed decisions; it also alleviates their anxiety and fear and allows them to feel relaxed and in control. The emotional bonds that Dr. Morrison forms with patients and their families are as meaningful and real as their healthy smiles.

Larry Nickell


“I began practicing in 1985 and became a dentist because I wanted to directly touch the lives of my patients. I felt, and still feel, the need to contribute to the world in a very direct, hands-on manner. Nothing does this better than dentistry. While I have worked in many dental offices, none are better than Forney Family Dentistry. The commitment to the patients, the integrity, and well as the sincere concern shown by everyone in the practice is second to none.” – Dr. Larry Nickell

Dr. Nickell finds it very rewarding to relieve the pain his patients endure. While they may be fearful of a root canal, they always appreciate the fact that they are no longer in pain. Relieving that pain is a way of improving someone’s life almost instantly, and it gives Dr. Nickell a great deal of satisfaction.

Jeffrey Pope


“I believe that dentistry is one of the greatest professions that someone can be a part of, and I am so thankful that I have the privilege to practice periodontics. It is a pleasure to meet and work with many different people and to see their many blessings and talents. Meeting, treating, and working with many different people and patients has allowed me to see the unique gifts and talents that God has bestowed in each one of us.” – Dr. Pope

Dr. Jeffrey Pope has always enjoyed helping people, and was attracted to the healthcare field at a young age. He has always felt that a career in healthcare would be a wonderful way to share his blessings with others. Dr. Pope is continually rewarded by helping improve a person’s oral health, smile, and self-confidence.

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