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Dr. Melina Morrison grew up in Forney, TX, and always had the desire to open a dental practice in her hometown. She remembers experiencing fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist as a child, and these feelings helped shape her desire to open a practice that sets patients at ease. She feels blessed that she is able to cater to all of her patients' needs and provide care for the entire family.

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Becoming a dentist and being able to open Forney Family Dentistry has always been a true dream of mine. I feel completely blessed that God has given me the ability and the passion to be able to do this. I walk in every day happy to see my patients. I feel like I never work a day in my life because I'm doing something that I absolutely love. As a child, I was really scared of the dentist. I had a bad experience. And so that actually was one of my motivating factors to become a dentist so that I can make sure that the practice is designed, and the team members are appropriately trained to be able to cater to every single patient's needs. We have a lot of fun stuff that we set aside to make sure that we can serve everybody in the family from infants to grandparents. Everyone's taken care of and they're doing it with a welcoming and loving feel that we can offer to them. When I opened in Forney, it was because it was a city that I grew up in. The red caboose that's in the main downtown historic area, my grandfather helped get from the railroad. We lived here when the McDonald's wasn't even here. So I have a lot of memories when this was literally a very small town. And to be able to come back to my roots and be able to open my practice where I grew up, where those dreams were fostered has been a complete dream. And I just thank God every day that I'm able to do this and that I'm able to serve Him and to minister to others. Being able to have Christian music playing in my office, being able to put scriptures on the wall, being able to write scriptures in the concrete before we ever expanded and put carpet onto the foundation, so these are all things that are personable to me. It allows me to be able to have the practice that I want and be able to treat my patients the way that they deserve. If you are looking for a high-quality, family-oriented dental practice, please give us a call today.
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