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At Forney Family Dentistry, the new patient experience is very important to us. During your first dental visit, you will meet with a highly skilled dental hygienist who will explain your examination and instruct you on appropriate home care. We share very close relationships with our patients, and properly educating them can help us provide beautiful smiles throughout their lives.

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During our new patient experience, we want to be very thorough in treating our patients. We want to educate them, make sure that they know every aspect of what we're going to do for them. So as soon as they come in, they are greeted by one of the hygienists or by one of my assistants. There is a thorough exam with all-digital x-rays that are taken. We go over their gum analysis. We want to make sure we're not overlooking anything that needs to be done. Some patients will tell us that they've never had their gums measured so we want to make sure that we're educating them on why we're measuring their gums, teach them about bone loss and the systemic connections between that. We will also teach them their home care, make sure that they know all of the tools and the knowledge and the little tricks that we personally use ourselves as well as on our family, our children and our friends. We don't want to hold anything back. So that first visit, we get to know them. We want to have that personable connection with them, find out how many kids they have, their grandkids, do they love to travel. I love traveling personally so I love being able to talk to my patients about their travel experiences, their hobbies. So we've laughed with our patients, we've cried with our patients, we pray with them if there's anything that they're battling or struggling with. So we really want that personal connection with them. And we want to follow up with them. It's not just about meeting them once. We want to call them back, see if they have any questions, if they kind of reviewed a lot of things because it's been years since they've been in. We want to make sure that we reconnect with them, make sure that we are getting the care to them that they need and for them to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed by anything. If you are looking for a high-quality, family-oriented dental practice, please give us a call today.
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