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Dr. Lauren Lewellen is a caring dentist at Forney Family Dentistry in Forney, TX. She has been interested in dentistry from a very young age and attended Texas A&M to study biomedical science. Dr. Lewellen partnered with Dr. Melina Morrison because they shared the same practice philosophy of providing the best possible care for all of their patients.

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Dr. Lewellen: I'm Dr. Lauren Lewellen. I was interested in dentistry at a very young age. I feel the Lord very intentionally and specifically placed people and courses and teachers in my life that just spurred that interest. And when I was very young, I can even remember that I'd always write letters to the tooth fairy asking the tooth fairy to let me keep my teeth so I could study it and asking her questions about teeth. My mom even pulled them out at my dental school graduation just to show family and friends that it was from a very young age that the Lord just set my heart, my mind towards serving people through dentistry. Then fast-forward many years, I went to Texas A&M, studied biomedical science. There, I had teachers, again, teachers and dentists in the community that just poured into me and showed me how you can serve people, how you can serve our Lord through dentistry and fixing teeth. When I graduated from dental school, I was blessed enough to partner and meet Dr. Melina Cozby. She was from a mutual friend that kind of set us up. And from the instant we met, we knew our philosophies, our ethics, our standards, our devotion to quality care really aligned and we just have been practicing together since then here at Forney Family Dentistry. Dr. Cozby: If you are looking for a high-quality, family-oriented dental practice, please give us a call today.
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