Discreetly Straighten Your Smile with Invisalign®


We offer Invisalign® orthodontic treatment to patients in Forney, TX. Invisalign® uses a series of clear, comfortable, plastic trays to discreetly straighten your teeth. At Forney Family Dentistry, we also offer Invisalign® Express, which is effective for correcting slight alignment issues with an expedited treatment time.

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If you are wanting straighter teeth, Invisalign could be a very good choice for you. It's never been easier to straighten your teeth than with Invisalign. It is the clear alternative to braces. A lot of our patients don't want to have that metal braces look. So Invisalign is the right choice for them. It's very easy and quick. We can take a quick impression and be able to send that off to the laboratory. It's very predictable. We can show our patients a 3D model on a computer, to be able to show them what their teeth currently look like and the movement of those teeth through the entire process. The visits, when you come back, are very quick as well. You come back every six weeks. You receive three sets of trays. Every tray you wear for two weeks. There's no limitations with Invisalign. With traditional braces, you have to watch what you eat. There's a lot of foods that you can't enjoy when you have metal braces. And it also takes a lot of due diligence on your part to make sure that you clean your teeth when you have metal braces. So with Invisalign, you take out your tray, you can eat foods that you always want to. There's no changing your lifestyle or habits. You can also take care of your teeth just the same way as you would. You take out your trays and you're able to brush and floss as normal. So a lot of patients, this is the right choice for them to be able to fit their lifestyle. No one can tell they're even wearing the Invisalign. And they're able to get that straight smile that they want that fits into the lifestyle that they have. If you are looking for a high-quality, family-oriented dental practice, please give us a call today.
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