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Dr. Melina Morrison opened Elite Dental Assisting School in Forney, TX, because she has a passion for teaching and a drive to make a difference in all areas of dentistry. Elite differentiates itself from other schools by providing students with the opportunity to receive hands-on instruction. Our students have been invited to extern at over 30 different dental offices to further enhance their education.

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I opened Elite Dental Assisting School because I have such a passion for teaching and I really want to make a difference in all areas of dentistry. So we decided to open Elite Dental Assisting School. We have a classroom here where we teach 20 students three times a year in the evening so it's flexible for them. The favorite thing that I have, and what makes this really unique versus other dental assisting schools, is because I own Forney Family Dentistry as well as Elite, then I'm able to do hands-on treatment with them. Students can't truly learn on a typodont or a mannequin because neither one of them have a gag reflex or a tongue that's fighting or excess saliva. So it's really important to me that the students get hands-on experience. So in the evening, we're able to do that, where the students get in a chair. They have Julie, the instructor, standing behind them to help them so that they don't feel like they're out hanging on by themselves. It also allows me time because it's very laid back where I can teach. "Okay. You just handed me this instrument. Why?" Or, "If you handed it to me this way, it would be better. This is what that restorative material is used for." It's really important to me that the students not only know how to do it, but they also understand the reason behind it. They also are allowed to come into Forney Family Dentistry and extern here, which is also very unique. They don't have to go and find their own extern office. If they choose to go somewhere else, we are very blessed to be able to have over 30 offices that invite our students into also help teach them. If you are looking for a high-quality, family-oriented dental practice, please give us a call today.
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