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At Forney Family Dentistry in Forney, TX, we make pediatric dentistry fun for even our youngest patients. Dr. Melina Morrison has three children of her own, and she wants to create a comfortable atmosphere so that children can have a positive experience at the dentist's office. Just one way we achieve this goal is our hygienists wear Disney hats in an effort to make all of our patients comfortable during their appointment.

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Dr. Cozby: One of my favorite things when we expanded the office is being able to do what I call a dino room. The chair's literally a dinosaur, a T-Rex. And we have see-through glass windows where the parents could be outside and be able to look in so they have peace of mind that their child is being taken care of. But while the child's in the room, they can't see out those windows. All they see is pictures and stickers. The whole room from floor to ceiling is made to look like dinosaurs and cartoons so the patient really feels at ease. We like to be able to kind of be goofy with our patients. We want to make it fun for the kids. So we have Disney hats that we wear. We get the kids Disney hats. We ask them their favorite Disney characters. And it's really fun to be able to use kid language. Instead of saying "nitrous" or even "laughing gas," we tell them that it's Willy Wonka juice and to breathe in and tell us what flavor it smells like, and then it's going to change. We want to make sure they're still breathing through their nose to be able to feel that sedation. We always talk, like, a cotton roll is a marshmallow. We try to not use any of our dental terminology. We really want to make it fun for them so that they feel at ease so they have a good experience. I personally had a bad experience as a child so I bring that memory in and think of all the ways that I personally would have felt better. I also have three beautiful kids and I want them to be able to come here and have fun. The type of care that I expect for my kids is what I want every patient to feel that they have here with their children. Patient: I like the dino room. Dr. Cozby: If you are looking for a high-quality, family-oriented dental practice, please give us a call today.
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