Beautifully Framing Smiles with Proper Periodontal Care


We teach patients in Forney, TX, the importance of periodontal care at Forney Family Dentistry. By properly caring for your gums, you can set the stage for a beautifully framed smile. We instruct our patients in appropriate at-home care, and teach them about the connection between gingival health and overall wellness.

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Jessica: When you come to Forney Family Dentistry, one of the most important parts of a hygiene appointment is the periodontal evaluation. Once a year or every new patient appointment, we're going to check your gums. We're going to make sure that we educate you as to what's going on, check the spaces around the teeth and the health because so many people misunderstand gum disease. They come in, and they think, "Well, my gums have always bled." But what we have to tell the patient and tell you is that bleeding is the first sign of infection. So periodontal treatment, gum disease, periodontal maintenance visits, sometimes non-surgical periodontal therapy are the best ways to treat you, but we want to make sure you're as healthy as you want to be. The mouth is the gateway to your body and so we want to make sure that we educate you to the oral-systemic connection. So when a patient comes in, we often go over with them their health history, how untreated periodontal disease can lead to problems with diabetes, cholesterol. It can cause heart attacks, stroke, Alzheimer's disease. So we want to make sure we treat the whole patient, not just their mouth. Dr. Cozby: If you are looking for a high-quality, family-oriented dental practice, please give us a call today.
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