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Dr. Melina Morrison provides high-quality care for the entire family at Forney Family Dentistry, a faith-based practice serving Forney, TX, and Mesquite, TX. Our entire office is designed to make patients feel at ease and comfortable when visiting the practice. All members of our team feel blessed to be able to use their God-given gifts to provide care and help our patients.

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Female: Serving Forney, Mesquite and the surrounding Texas communities is a unique faith-based dental practice of visionary proportions. Forney Family Dentistry is the creation of Dr. Melina Cozby. Dr. Cozby understands that choosing a dentist is an important decision for families and that they have many choices. With Dr. Cozby's focus on the family, she is able to set her practice apart from others. Dr. Cozby: It's always been a dream of mine to own my own practice. I love that I got to come back to my hometown and open Forney Family Dentistry. I picked the name because I want to make sure that patients can have the selection and ease of convenience of treating their whole family here. We always say from infants to grandparents, we're going to take care of you so that the grandma and the mom and the little baby that's having their very first visit all feel comfortable here. Female: Going to the dentist can be a scary proposition for some patients so Dr. Cozby put extra effort into designing her office to be an environment that puts patients at ease and is warm, safe and comfortable for the entire family. Dr. Cozby: I love the dino room, being able to put the kids at ease and for them to have fun when they come here and have a good experience. I also love that we can put patients at ease. When we developed this office, I wanted to make sure that patients were comfortable. So we made sure that every room has massage chairs. Every room has a TV that you can select TV shows or movies. We have noise-canceling headphones so that they don't have to hear the noise of the procedures that we're doing. All of this was designed to make our patients feel at ease and comfortable. Nick: We first came to Forney Family Dentistry. We moved back to the area and we were looking for a dentist practice that would not just be great for my wife and I but also for our kids. We've had some negative experiences with our kids at previous dentists. What really caught our eye to come here was the fact they have the dino room. They really cared for the kids and catered to make a relaxed atmosphere for them while they were being worked on. That was one of the biggest draws for us to come to Forney Family Dentistry. Female: Complementing the warm and caring atmosphere of Forney Family Dentistry is a commitment to the very latest in dental technology, technology that makes your visit safer, faster and as pain-free as possible. Dr. Cozby: In the background that patients don't even notice is how we have the state of the art technology. We always will have state of the art sterilization instead of just doing the bare minimum requirements. Again, I want the same care that I would provide for myself or for my kids to be offered to my patients. Anything that's available out there, we have in our state of the art sterilization. We make sure that all of the water is purified. We make sure that all of our equipment is up to date and safe. If there's a new technology out there, we want to make sure that we get it. We don't hold back anything from our patients. We treat our family and our friends and our team members and their family here. All of them get the exact same care that our patients do. Female: The foundational backbone of Forney Family Dentistry is faith in God and Scripture. Both dentists and staff feel blessed to be able to use their God-given gifts in the service of others. Dr. Cozby: My faith is visible throughout the practice with Christian music playing in the background, scriptures and motivational plaques that are on the wall. My favorite saying is that when we expanded, all of the team members came in with a Sharpie and they were able to write their favorite scripture on the concrete, that we are literally standing on God's word. I remind myself of that every day. Female: Whatever your dental needs may be, you can rest assured that at Forney Family Dentistry you will be cared for by a compassionate team of professionals who not only work hard to make you feel at ease but genuinely care about you as a person. Dr. Cozby: The most rewarding thing about treating my patients is when they say that I've impacted their life, not just their smile, not just the treatment visit that they had, but that what I did really carried over into their life. If you are looking for a high-quality, family-oriented dental practice, please give us a call today.
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