Advanced TMD Treatment with a Whole-Body Approach

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) can impact virtually every aspect of your life. The condition may cause significant discomfort and chronic pain. Fortunately, Dr. Melina Cozby offers state-of-the-art TMD treatment that can relieve your symptoms and have you feeling significantly better in both the short and the long term.

At Forney Family Dentistry, we do not simply address the symptoms of TMD. We provide a thorough diagnosis to determine the underlying cause of your condition. Then we can treat the larger problem using a custom-made appliance or the innovative TruDenta® system. To learn more about TMD treatment, contact our Forney, TX practice today.

TMD and Its Related Symptoms

There are several reasons that you may suffer from TMD. In some cases, the condition is related to jaw misalignment or imbalance. The pressure on your joints can cause the soft disc inside to slip out of place. The bones may also sustain damage, or they may grind together when you open your mouth. In other instances, the root cause of TMD may be muscle-based. If one muscle is overly short or is having spasms, it can affect the movement of your entire jaw. Whatever the cause of your TMD, it can result in a diverse range of symptoms. These may include jaw pain, tinnitus, a clicking noise when you open your mouth, and jaw stiffness. Dr. Cozby will consider your exact symptoms and the cause of your condition to determine the right treatment for you.

Treatment with a Custom-Made Orthotic

An oral appliance may be the simplest and most effective treatment for your TMD. Dr. Cozby will provide a device made from impressions of your teeth. In most cases, you will only need to wear the device at night. It will prevent your teeth from touching, which will keep you from grinding and clenching your jaw. Like many patients, you may suffer from both TMD and sleep apnea. If so, your appliance will also push your lower jaw forward to keep your airways open at night. Dr. Cozby always provides appliances that are as small as possible. Therefore, you will typically find it very easy to sleep while wearing your device.

TruDenta® Therapy

At Forney Family Dentistry, we proudly offer the TruDenta® system for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. This program takes a systemic approach. It will treat not only your jaw, but the muscles in your neck and shoulders, as well. Dr. Cozby will begin with a bite analysis, muscle exam, and evaluation of your symptoms. Thanks to our advanced T-scan technology, she can determine which parts of your jaw and dental arch are under the most pressure. Then Dr. Cozby will provide personalized care during a 12-week treatment regimen. TruDenta® combines multiple techniques. These methods include cold laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, microcurrent stimulation, and manual massage treatments. TruDenta® will reprogram your muscles for better jaw balance. It will also alter the way that your brain processes pain.

For optimal results, we will teach you jaw stretches and exercises to perform at home. Combining these movements with a custom oral appliance can have tremendous effects for your overall health and comfort. In fact, your TMJ pain may start to fade after just one treatment session. We can also provide an Alpha-Stim® device. This tiny machine will clip behind your ear, sending electronic microcurrent signals to your inflamed muscles. With Alpha-Stim®, you may experience and almost immediate relief from your jaw pain.


Video: TruDenta® TMJ Analysis

For patients who suffer from migraines or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, Forney Family Dentistry offers TruDenta® bite force analysis to aid in diagnosis. This revolutionary technology can identify the hidden causes of the painful symptoms associated with these conditions. TruDenta® uses ultrasound, low-level cold laser, and trigger point manipulation technologies to treat problems related to your occlusion.

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What to Expect after TMD Treatment

TruDenta® has a remarkable 90 percent success rate. In most cases, you will only need to go through the program once, unless you sustain jaw trauma or undergo orthodontic treatment. You can also perform the jaw exercises on your own if you notice a flare-up of your TMD symptoms.

Find Out Which TMD Treatment May Be Right for You

Contact our office today to learn more about oral appliances and TruDenta®. It’s time to start living your life free from jaw pain.