Same-Day Dental Crowns: Fast Restorative Dentistry

Same-Day Crowns - Forney, TX

Posted on Feb 16, 2018 by Dr. Melina Cozby

Milling a same-day dental crownSevere chips, cracks, and tooth decay can lead to serious problem with your dental health. When other restorations are not able to fix your teeth, that’s when dental crowns may be most ideal. These restorations cap a damaged tooth to protect it from harm.

While traditional dental crowns are made at a dental lab, our Forney, TX practice is proud to offer same-day crowns. These restorations are durable, look great, and may be just what you need to smile with confidence.

The Traditional Dental Crowns Process

When getting traditional dental crowns, the process can take around two weeks. First, the damaged or decays tooth must be prepped. An impression is then taken of the tooth, and this impression is sent to a dental lab. The dental lab will craft the custom crown while the patient wears a temporary crown over the prepped tooth.

The finished crown is crafted at the lab and then sent back to the dental practice. During a second visit, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is finally placed and secured.

The Same-Day Dental Crowns Difference

Wirth same-day dental crowns, there is no need for a patient to wait two weeks. There is no outside dental lab that needs to craft the restoration either. Patients visit the practice, have their teeth prepped, and the crown is created in a matter of a few hours. That’s a fully functional dental crown made in one day, all in the same dental visit.

On-Site Dental Lab Technology

The secret to same-day dental crowns is the use of advanced milling technology for dental restorations. This technology means the creation of a custom dental crown at the dental practice itself.

A Custom Dental Restoration That Fits Perfectly

Using the latest in digital impression technology, your dentist is able to create the custom crown at the office, making adjustments as needed to ensure optimal fit. The goal is to create a custom crown that complements the smile. The crown will not just fit right between your teeth, it will also make perfect contact with the teeth on the opposite dental arch.

How Durable Is a Same-Day Dental Crown?

The same-day dental crown is of comparable durability to a crown that was made at a dental lab. Patients will be able to bite and chew normally, with the crown able to withstand major wear and tear over time. In essence, the same-day crown is as strong as your regular teeth.

How Does the Same-Day Dental Crown Look?

The same-day dental crown will blend in seamlessly with your smile. Using a color-matched block of dental porcelain, your dentist will be able to find a proper shade that matched your other teeth. No one will be able to notice that you have a crown in place thanks to the quality, color, and texture of the crown.

Is a Same-Day Dental Crown Right for Me?

If you’re in need of a dental crown due to a fracture or decay, a same-day crown may be right for your needs. During the consultation process, we can go over your situation and determine if the same-day crown is ideal for you.

Learn More About Dental Crowns

For more information about same-day dental crowns and whether or not they're right for you, be sure to contact the team at Forney Family Dentistry & Orthodontics. We look forward to your visit and discussing these matters in greater detail.